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Burger No Thanks

Gave Burger Up a go tonight.

Did not like it.  It’s an interesting idea but  is pretty slow going for such a light game, and has little player interaction.

The player interaction basically comes from missing out on cards you want because others choose them first.  Planning ahead is tough because of this, so basically you have big breaks between your turns with little to do.

Best thing about this game

The large square cards are pretty cool and look great.

The ‘upgrade’ idea for building a 10+ ingredient burger is neat. 

Worst thing about this game

It was boring. I won’t play it again.

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Imperial Assault

Started a mini-campaign of Star Wars: Imperial Assault (including the Twin Shadows expansion) with Jacques (Empire), Howard (Jyn Odan), J (Fenn Signis, K (Biv Bohdrik) and me as the medical droid MHD-19.

Here’s the mission setup in starting position:

We had a few new players so took a while to get going, but had a good mission.  Here we are with Biv and MHD-19 just having broken down the door:

We managed to squeak out a win on the last turn, just before the Empire won. Basically we ran away from the enemies through the exit just in time.

Best thing about this game

It looks fantastic, the miniatures and sets are just brilliant.  Also, it’s quite well-balanced due to the round limit which forces you to focus on the mission rather than slugging it out.

Worst thing about this game

Nothing to complain about really.  Takes a while to set up.