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Clank! Sunken Treasure

Playing Clank! (the Sunken Treasures expansion) this morning with Miss Ten.  She loves to push her luck, and delved deep aiming for the 30 point artifact. I settled for the 7-pointer and bolted for the exit.

The dragon caught her below ground, so zero points for her – but she still had a great time.

Best thing about this game

There’s a lot to like. If you’re behind the others, you can choose to grab a shallow artifact and bolt for the exit – this gives you an excellent chance to win. Or, go deep and grab a challenging artifact (or a backpack so you can grab two) for maximum points.

But the best feature: Clank, which occurs when you make noise while adventuring, and which makes it more likely that the dragon will wound you when attacking.  This is a great mechanic which makes you balance risk and reward through the whole game.

Worst thing about this game 

If only it could play 5 or 6.