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RallymanGT – first look

This French-designed classic went back to Kickstarter in Dec 2018 and has been a much-anticipated arrival for me. After about 3 hours (no exaggeration involved) of punching and organisation – here is a first look at the contents and an initial play through.

Here is the initial track set up and grid placements (I chose Track 31 from the official tracks because I wanted an excuse to use the sweet bridge overpass).

Mistakes: I made a few! In hindsight, I definitely ignored the overtaking rule a couple of times. Looking forward to having another go!

One thought on “RallymanGT – first look

  1. I’ve been enjoying it, especially playing the ISGOYTRA GT Cup monthly challenge though still in the GT infancy. I bought a couple of the expansions including two tracks, the GT4 and GT5.

    I like the TT though I do find it a bit weird that mechanically, heavy braking can result in a faster time, even on straights! I’m looking forward to trying out the driverless-car AI. too.

    In short, Rallyman GT has made its way right alongside and perhaps surpassing Flamme Rouge as my favorite solo racing game option.


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