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Marrying Mr Darcy – review

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a larger board game collection.”


Marrying Mr Darcy: The Pride and Prejudice Card Game is a Party level card game of Filler length for 2 to 6 players.

Here’s what we mean when we rate game ‘weight’ or level or game length or player count.

The best bit of this game is the way in which it genuinely evokes the feeling of the book.  You play as a female character from the book, building up your character’s traits to appeal to your preferred suitor.

Shall I concentrate on Wit, Friendliness, Reputation or Beauty?

This might sound really lame – but actually, the balance between alternate suitors and book-based events introduces genuine tension into the gameplay.  Each time I have played this, grown adults (mainly men) really get into the spirit of the game and embrace the theme. Game discussions are carried on in a ladylike fashion!

The worst bit of Marrying Mr Darcy is the amount of randomness in the card draw – but this is forgiveable in a fairly short and simple game.


Your character will begin with slightly different traits and abilities from the other maidens, then develop (by your choices, through the game) to appeal to your preferred suitor.  Despite the traditional setting, each character does feel slightly subversive – each has some agency and power in their choices, as they work and scheme towards enticing a proposal from their preferred husband.

The role of Cunning is also important – your character might be less perfect than another potential wife, but the most cunning get the first chance to marry – and once Mr Darcy (or another) is betrothed, he’s off the market!

Some matches are preferred, while others are impossible.

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One of the things which I love about this game is that ending up as an Old Maid (without a husband) can still result in a game win – it’s a nice touch.  If you love the book, this game is a must – you’ll find yourself getting in character quickly.

I enjoy the art on the cards and the game’s design choices definitely make a strong connection to the classic book.

Playing as Charlotte Lucas feels entirely different from playing as Georgiana Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet, and this means that the appeal of the game continues through a number of plays.

BoardGameGeek rates this game as 1.38 out of 5 in weight, (at the time of publication of this review).  There are some valid alternate strategies to attempt – but this rating is about right in my opinion.


Marrying Mr Darcy is fairly expensive for what you get.  Try Games Empire – about $50.

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